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the final chapter in the trilogy


The sirens will face their ultimate challenge when their darkest foe yet rises from the dead. Will you be there when it all goes down? 

My Black Friday Haul

Well we've survived yet again. Black Friday came at us all in full strength, but here we are. Bruised, exhausted, our bank accounts a little (or a lot) emptier, but we're still standing. Enough of the melodrama. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I went over to...

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Blood Tyrant Cover Reveal and NaNoWriMo Update!

The last 15 days have been busy, to say the least! But at least I can finally say I'm halfway through National Novel Writing Month. Every year I tell myself it's easier than I remember it being and it never is. But I have a good writing buddy and plenty of author fuel...

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Finally Finding Inspiration

If you take a look at the release dates of my two current novels, you'll notice something. They were published forever ago! It's no secret that I have not been actively publishing for a couple years now and I have a million excuses why. I started college, I got a job,...

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