Where’s Sammy?

You made a beautiful, gorgeous, stunning new website, Samantha. How come we haven’t heard from you in a while?

Shortly after my new website went live, I got the call of a lifetime. I was accepted for a summer job that I’d been waiting to hear on and in three weeks time would be on a plane headed to ALASKA! It’s been a crazy adjustment (this Florida girl is not used to this weather), but I’m at the base of of the tallest mountain in North America, Denali, and loving the view. I’ve met amazing people, learned some valuable career skills, and am enjoying spending my days off horseback riding, kayaking, and exploring the wilderness.

The only downside to being out in the middle of nowhere? Internet was pretty much nonexistent for a while. And then it’s spotty at best. A couple days ago was actually the first time I got my laptop to connect to WiFi and I’ve been here four weeks! Don’t fret, I’m still writing. But the outdoors is calling my name and I must answer.

I have an excitement coming soon though, so keep an eye out! I’ve been working away at this for a while and I know you all will love it.

Until then…

Have a Bookish Day,

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