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If you take a look at the release dates of my two current novels, you’ll notice something. They were published forever ago! It’s no secret that I have not been actively publishing for a couple years now and I have a million excuses why. I started college, I got a job, I’m planning my wedding, etc, etc. But the honest truth is I just kind of lost inspiration.

When I published those first two books, I was 16 years old. It’s crazy, right?! And the books were pretty great for my age. But, five years down the road, I’m embarrassed¬†looking back at them. I know I shouldn’t be because they are quite an accomplishment. But I’ve improved as a writer (or at least I hope so) and I know I can do better. I know my ability to write dialogue or explain a setting is vastly enhanced from before. That thought consumed me and I lost the excitement to finish my Secret of the Halfling series.

But I’ve had a revelation: other authors must feel this way. I’m sure even the great James Patterson himself could look back at one of his first books and scoff. Improvement and evolution is part of the job. The more you write, the better of a writer you become. Just like an artist whose work continues to escalate in splendor. My first two books won’t be as good as my seventh or twentieth books. And that’s okay. I love writing and publishing and I shouldn’t let this stop me.

So I’m back on the horse! I am allowing myself to take things one book at a time and continue to grow as a writer. I’ve got plenty of amazing projects ready to tackle and I can’t wait to share them with you all. The first one coming is Blood Tyrant, the final book in the Secret of the Halflings series. It will be my National Novel Writing Month project this year, so it WILL be completed by the end of November 2018. And I’m hoping it will be ready to publish mid-January 2019. Fingers crossed!

My other goal is to blog more often. So keep an eye on this page for more of my ramblings coming soon.

Until Next Time!

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