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Well we’ve survived yet again. Black Friday came at us all in full strength, but here we are. Bruised, exhausted, our bank accounts a little (or a lot) emptier, but we’re still standing.

Enough of the melodrama. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I went over to my fiancé’s house and his mother is one of those types that wants to do all the cooking. And I mean ALL of it. So all I had to do was show up at dinnertime to see not just a turkey but ham as well. TWO hams!

But Thanksgiving is a quiet little shindig compared to what happens next. I didn’t have any plans or specific items in mind for Black Friday. (My car broke down and cost me $1100 and then broke down again, so shopping too much wasn’t an option.) So I just meandered around from store to store after circling the parking lot for twenty minutes for a spot.

I did end up purchasing a few items. I found a light bulb in a bargain bin at Walmart. It changes colors and is controlled with an app, so it’s kind of more of a toy than anything. I’ve had far too much fun with it and keep it set to purple as the default color.

And I may or may not have purchased a couple book covers. Oops! Guess that just means I’ll have to keep writing. Oh, the horror. 😉 You’ll have to wait to see them, but you can at least check out the amazing designers. One is designed by KD Ritchie at Storywrappers and the other is by Fionn Jameson at Milktee Studios. Both of these ladies are crazy good and I really need them to stop posting beautiful covers so I might actually keep my money.

What did you all get during the Black Friday craziness? Drop a comment below so I can virtually window shop. And while you’re at, tell me about your Thanksgiving traditions or any crazy stories from this past holiday weekend.

Until Next Time!

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